Summer Dance Workshop

No Longer Available

Master the moves this summer!

School Holidays Dance Workshop

Strap on your dancing shoes and dive into a world of rhythm and creativity! Our camp offers a mix of dance styles, ensuring every child discovers their perfect groove.

Kidventures Overview

Kids will quickly find their rhythm at this two-day camp, diving into a medley of dance styles ranging from the vibrant beats of Jazz and Hip-Hop to the emotive sways of Contemporary. Core to our camp's approach is solidifying foundational dance techniques, while our specialised choreography workshops dive deeper into each style.

Our camp isn't just about the moves; it's about telling stories. Through contemporary dance and focused creative sessions, we guide dancers in translating emotion into movement, weaving tales with every twist and turn. And as the days progress, they'll refine their skills and stage presence in anticipation of the grand finale performance! Backed by our seasoned dance instructors, this camp is a melting pot of creativity, confidence-building, and camaraderie.

So, come dance, discover, and dazzle with us this summer!

Booking information:

Age Range:

5 Years to 14 Years


Wednesday 24 - Thursday 25th of January 2024


2 Days (bookings include both days, no partial bookings)


Arrival: 9am
Departure: 3.30pm

Lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided. Kids bring their own packed lunches.


Kings Street Arts Centre


357/365 Murray St, Perth WA 6000


 $215 | 2 Day Camp

No Longer Available

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How do our camps work?

  • Specialised Camps: Specialist educators lead our camps to create magical holiday  experiences to remember
  • Convenience: Camps run for a full day and kids are dropped off and picked up from the Day Camp locations