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KIDVENTURES - Holiday Camps

School's out, fun's in!

School holiday programs that are the most fun. Ever.

Sports, Arts, STEM, and much more!


Step 1) Choose the state where you live
Step 2) Browse the Kidventures camps available
Step 3) Book a camp for your child
Step 4) Drop them off for fun-filled Kidventures!

Discover a Kidventures near you!


Science Camp for Kids

Holiday camps in Victoria.

New South Wales

Court Sports Holiday Program

New South Wales events these school holidays.


Court Sports Holiday Program

Vacation adventures for Queensland kids

Western Australia

Court Sports Holiday Program

Holiday special events in Western Australia.

Camps of all shapes and sizes.

We have a range of school holiday camps catering to things kids love.

Specialty Camps
Our specialty camps are facilitated by a range of expert educators. Kids are given the opportunity to really immerse themselves in what they love, whether it’s sports, science, performing arts, or yoga!

Big Adventures
As a part of the Junior Adventures Group, we have years of experience providing holiday activities and programs. Kidventures is our exciting new offer for kids who want something beyond regular holiday programs, featuring specialist educators and immersive experiences.

How do our camps work?

  • Specialised Camps: Specialist educators lead our camps to create magical holiday experiences to remember
  • Flexibility: Many of our camps offer single or multi-day booking options to suit your schedule.

Kidventure Testimonials

Keepin' it 100. What did the fun experts have to say?

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Clancy, age 8

"Kidventures is the best! I love the footy camp and even kicked a goal?! I hope our team wins again next time."

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Nisha, age 9

"I learned how to code with my friend. We got to make a robot dance which was really silly and funny. We named our robot Betsy."

12-3-img jpg

Billy, age 11

"My favourite musical is The Lion King, so I was really excited to act in a play called Animal Kindgom: Lions Rule."

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Kidventures in full flight

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